Mastering Renko Charts for MT4 – A Game-Changer for Forex Traders


In the world of Forex trading, there are numerous charting tools available to help traders make informed decisions. One such tool is the Renko chart, which has gained popularity for its unique approach to visualizing price movements. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of Renko charts in Forex trading and highlight the importance of mastering Renko charts specifically for MT4.

Understanding Renko Charts

Before diving into the specifics of Renko charts for MT4, it is essential to understand the characteristics and components of these charts. Renko charts are a type of chart that focuses solely on price movements, disregarding time and volume measurements. Instead of using traditional candlesticks, Renko charts utilize vertical bricks to represent price changes.

The key components of Renko charts include the brick size and reversal size. The brick size determines the price range required for a new brick to form on the chart. On the other hand, the reversal size indicates the price movement needed for a reversal in the current trend. These components allow traders to customize the chart based on their preferred trading style and strategy.

Renko charts offer several advantages over traditional candlestick charts. Firstly, Renko charts provide a clearer visual representation of trends by filtering out minor price fluctuations. This helps traders to focus on significant market movements and make more accurate trading decisions. Additionally, Renko charts can help identify support and resistance levels more effectively, enabling traders to spot potential trade setups.

Setting Up Renko Charts on MT4

While Renko charts are not built-in features of the MT4 trading platform, traders can easily install Renko chart indicators to integrate this powerful tool into their MT4 interface. Here is a step-by-step guide to installing the Renko chart indicator on MT4.

Step 1: Downloading the Renko Chart Indicator

To begin, visit a reputable website that provides custom indicators for MT4. Look for a reliable Renko chart indicator and download the indicator file to your computer. Once the download is complete, locate the file on your computer and extract it if necessary.

Step 2: Installing the Renko Chart Indicator

Next, open your MT4 trading platform and navigate to the “File” menu. Select “Open Data Folder” to access the MT4 data folder. Within the data folder, locate the “MQL4” folder, and then open the “Indicators” subfolder. Copy the downloaded Renko chart indicator file into the “Indicators” folder.

Once the indicator file is placed in the correct folder, restart your MT4 platform. The Renko chart indicator should now be available in the list of custom indicators. To add the Renko chart to your MT4 platform, navigate to the “Navigator” panel, expand the “Indicators” section, and find the Renko chart indicator. Right-click on the indicator and select “Attach to Chart.” Choose the desired currency pair and timeframe, and the Renko chart will appear on your MT4 charting interface.

Step 3: Configuring Renko Chart Settings

Now that the Renko chart is successfully added to your MT4 platform, it’s time to configure the chart settings to suit your trading preferences. The two key settings to customize are the brick size and reversal size.

The brick size determines the price range required to form a new brick on the chart. Traders can choose a brick size based on their trading strategy and the average volatility of the currency pair they are trading. A larger brick size will filter out minor price fluctuations and provide a broader perspective, while a smaller brick size will provide more detailed information of price movements.

The reversal size indicates the price movement needed for a reversal in the current trend. By setting a reversal size, traders can identify potential trend reversals and adjust their trading strategies accordingly. It’s important to choose a reversal size that aligns with the market conditions and the specific currency pair being traded.

In addition to the brick size and reversal size, traders can customize the color schemes and chart styles of the Renko chart to align with their preferred aesthetic and visual preferences.

Renko Chart Trading Strategies

Now that you have a solid understanding of Renko charts and how to set them up on MT4, let’s explore some basic and advanced trading strategies that can be applied to Renko charts.

Basic Renko Chart Trading Strategies

Trend analysis is one of the fundamental strategies that can be applied to Renko charts. By observing the continuous formation of new bricks in an upward or downward direction, traders can identify and follow the prevailing trends. This allows traders to enter trades in the direction of the trend and maximize their profit potential.

Support and resistance trading is another popular strategy with Renko charts. By analyzing the horizontal price levels where trends tend to pause or reverse, traders can identify potential entry and exit points. Renko charts provide a clear representation of support and resistance levels, making it easier for traders to spot these areas on the chart.

Advanced Renko Chart Trading Strategies

In addition to basic strategies, advanced traders can leverage Renko chart patterns and formations to identify high-probability trade setups. Patterns such as triangles, double tops, and double bottoms can provide valuable insights into potential trend reversals and continuation.

Furthermore, traders can incorporate Renko chart indicators and oscillators into their analysis to gain additional confirmation of trade setups. Popular indicators such as Moving Averages, Relative Strength Index (RSI), and Stochastic Oscillator can be used in conjunction with Renko charts to improve accuracy and enhance trading decisions.

Risk Management and Money Management with Renko Charts

Regardless of the charting tool used, risk management and money management are crucial aspects of successful Forex trading. When utilizing Renko charts, it is no different.

Risk management involves assessing and managing potential risks associated with each trade. Traders should determine an appropriate risk-to-reward ratio and set stop-loss and take-profit levels based on their risk tolerance and market conditions. Renko charts provide a clear visualization of price movements, allowing traders to set precise stop-loss and take-profit levels.

Money management techniques, such as position sizing and portfolio diversification, are also essential when trading with Renko charts. Position sizing ensures that each trade’s position is appropriate based on the trader’s account size and risk tolerance. Diversifying the trading portfolio among different currency pairs and asset classes helps spread risk and reduce exposure to individual market fluctuations.

Tips and Best Practices for Mastering Renko Charts

To truly master Renko charts for MT4, it is important to follow some tips and best practices. Here are a few that can help you become proficient in Renko chart trading:

Regular chart analysis: While Renko charts provide valuable insights, it is beneficial to analyze traditional candlestick charts alongside Renko charts. This can provide a more comprehensive view of the market and validate trade setups.

Track market trends and patterns: Renko charts excel at capturing trends and patterns. By carefully tracking market trends and patterns, traders can enhance their ability to identify profitable trading opportunities.

Practice patience and discipline: Renko charts require patience and discipline when it comes to waiting for clear trade setups. Avoid jumping into trades based solely on short-term price fluctuations and instead focus on high-probability trade entries and exits.


In conclusion, mastering Renko charts for MT4 can immensely improve one’s trading skills and profitability in the Forex market. Renko charts offer a unique approach to visualizing price movements and filtering out noise, allowing traders to focus on significant market trends and patterns. By setting up Renko charts on MT4, applying effective trading strategies, and utilizing risk management principles, traders can leverage the power of Renko charts to enhance their trading decisions and achieve consistent success.

We encourage traders to explore Renko charts further, experiment with different trading strategies, and refine their skills to take full advantage of this powerful charting tool for MT4.

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